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Bridging market in 2018 (Mortgage Introducer)

I expect the bridging market to grow in 2018 but not by as much as in previous years as there is a definite shift away from short term loans and towards medium to longer-term loans of two to five years. The reason is the way bridging lenders now get their funding. ...

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Financial Reporter Article

In this marketplace, advisers might not be aware of the short-term finance options for clients until they are presented with a personal case study that brings home what can be achieved. Take for instance, one of our employees here who lives locally and is...

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How bridging can make the difference

Anyone who has been involved in the mortgage or loans market for any length of time will know that the likelihood of a 100% smooth process is slim. It’s not that cases don’t progress naturally and end up with a completion all parties are...

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Client looking to gift a property to their child?

Gifted Deposit Example: Mr & Mrs Doe own a rental property worth £250,000. They wish to move the property into their Daughters name and gift her £100,000 deposit from the equity in it. Bridging Finance providers could lend Kimberley Doe her required mortgage for...

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Best Advice

Uncertainty must feel like a normal part of the profession for those who are making their living in the buy-to-let market at present. Indeed, ever since the Government decided that private landlords were apparently to blame for all the evils of the...

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10 years on… (Commercial Reporter)

It has been interesting recently to read all the analysis of the 10-year ‘anniversary’ of the start of the Credit Crunch. For a start I’m not sure ‘anniversary’ is the right word in the first place as it’s certainly not an event worth celebrating, given...

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