Homeowner Loans


We can now facilitate second charge loans, by sourcing a financial solution that is tailored to your clients’ requirements. We can provide market-leading rates however complex the case is.

Homeowner Loans
Suitable for:Home owners
LTV:Up to 125%
Loan amounts:From £10,000 to £1,000,000
Rates:From 3.64% per annum
Terms:2 – 35 years

Homeowner Loans at a glance

Homeowner loans?

Homeowner Loans are a secured loan, which means they use the borrower’s home as security. 

How much can I borrow?

Our loans are typically from £10k to £1m.

What are the rates?

Homeowner Loans start from 3.64% per annum depending on the LTV, credit profile and property type. 

How long is the loan?

We can provide terms of up to 30 years on a capital repayment basis.

Why would you need a homeowner loan?


✔ Property purchase in the UK or overseas

✔ Deposit for another property

✔ Property refurbishment

✔ Debt consolidation

✔ Paying off a tax bill

✔ Car or Van

✔ Boat

✔ Wedding

✔ Any other legal purpose

 When should you consider a homeowner loan?

✔ If your credit history isn’t brilliant, but you need to borrow some more

money, for example to pay for a home extension because your family has

grown, it can be the cheapest option.

✔ If you’re self-employed and struggling to borrow from elsewhere, it can

offer you a way to use your home as security to get a loan.

✔ If your mortgage is fixed or discounted and has a high early repayment

charge, taking out a second loan may well work out cheaper than

remortgaging your entire loan where you would have to pay the penalty.

✔ If your credit rating has fallen since you first secured your mortgage, the

interest rate you are offered when seeking a remortgage is likely to rise or you

may be declined facilities.

Who can apply for a homeowner loan?


✔ Any property owning individual

How do I apply for a Homeowner Loan?

We have made the homeowner loan application process very simple and there are various ways in which you can apply.

In order to understand your requirements and to be able to make an immediate assessment, we ask you to complete the relevant online application form. Alternatively, download our enquiry form and send it via email to admin@f4b.co.uk